Hi! I'm Ollie, a medical student at the University of Warwick, and graduated in 2017 from Newcastle University with a degree in Cellular & Molecular Biology.

I'm always looking for the chance to meet and talk to new people, and particularly to get involved in media & communication projects, especially where science and medicine are concerned. Please get in touch if you want to work together!

The reason this website exists is that during my own applications to medical school, I found it difficult to find graduate-specific resources and found that most platforms for assisting with entry lack a personal touch. I can at least try to remedy that latter component and hope that medical applicants of all ages find my resources useful. I am also the Graduate Entry Lead for the Becoming A Doctor program and the Warwick Medical School Ambassador for 3D4Medical, developers of the Complete Anatomy suite.

You can download a current version of my CV HERE

You can contact me through the appropriate page or via social media!