Day 20 - Bill's (14/10/2017)

Slow day today - woke up just after ten, which is not ideal but I was grateful for the extra sleep. Spent the morning going through lecture notes from last week and converting them into Anki flashcards for revision - apparently an excellent way to prepare for exams is to try and predict questions according to the learning objectives provided at the start of each class.

I read through the material from our clinical skills sessions again, just because this side of the course is so new to me and I want to make an effort to become familiar with it. I know that (to some extent at least) I'm capable of learning and retaining science, and I'm feeling fairly confident, at least at the moment, of being able to cope with the exams academically. The OSCEs however seem to be a whole different beast, and the best way to become competent at the clinical side seems to be just to practice endlessly.

To this end, I've ordered a cheap sphygmomanometer (blood pressure measuring cuff) from Amazon so at least we can have one in the house and use it to practice on one another. Patella hammers were also very cheap on there, so one of those will be arriving too, just on the off chance that we use it at some point. It can live in my stethoscape case regardless, so it's no extra burden.

After lunch I developed a structured plan for checking lymph nodes in patients - I usually like a rhyme or mnemonic for remembering sequences, in this case I'm just using the physical locations to plan out a movement sequence and then state the name of each in my head ('submental, submandibular, etc...). I want to make a video on this sequence actually - I think that creating revision resources that are high quality enough for other medical students to use is a good way to cement my own learning.

In the evening we headed to Bill's, a restaurant in the centre of Leamington, as my housemate's girlfriend had come for the weekend. The food was delicious - I opted for steak, egg and chips with an Aperol Spritz cocktail (a fruity liqueur with prosecco). This was followed by a dessert known as the Chocolate Bomb, a dome of hollow chocolate accompanied by a jug of salted caramel, which was to be poured over the top to melt the dome and reveal honeycomb and icecream underneath. It was a lovely end to a comparatively very relaxing day, apart from an electronic glitch resulting in my other housemate nearly being charged over £300,000 for her food. Champagne tastes indeed.

Q: What are your three must-have smart phone apps?
A: By usage, my top three would be Podcast Republic (podcast manager), Fenix (3rd party Twitter client) and BlueMail (my favourite 3rd party email client).