Day 21 - Stone Age (15/10/2017)

VERY slow day today - woke up late again, went for a run and have worked most of the day. And by worked, I mean binge-watched The Office, by which I mean the American version that is actually consistently very funny.

In the early evening we had our first 'house meeting', which a solid half of the required occupants made it to - I feel we made a stellar collective effort. This was basically a reminder to complete basic functioning human tasks such as keep the door locked and not leave the oven on to consume itself in a fiery rage. It sounds simple, but I guess this is how things get stolen, or indeed houses burn down.

The only real thing of note I have for you is that the internet link vanished suddenly in our house at about 8pm, plunging the domicile into an unconnected state. Myself and Emily had just started studying downstairs and going through the anatomy workbook for this coming Friday, and it very quickly became apparent what a valuable tool the internet is for medical information. Very quickly the table was strewn with textbooks as we tried to label obscure ducts in the pancreas. I need some up-to-date ones, as my 2003 edition of Gray's Anatomy was remarkably unhelpful. It does smell fantastic though.

After that we were joined by Ryan for some clinical practice, going through the motions of taking a case history and giving a physical exam. My sphygmomanometer had arrived, so we were able to run through blood pressure as well - Emily provided lots of useful tips for this process from her previous work as an A&E nurse. It was difficult to maintain our composure as we were roleplaying the parts we would have to in an OSCE, but the practice is really helpful and we're definitely becoming more confident, at the very least.