Day 27 - Back in Toon (21/10/2017)

Off bright and early (ish) to catch the train up to Newcastle. It's been a little while and I do get pangs for the hustle and bustle, particularly when Leamington is relatively so quiet. Unusually there was a direct train running, so I had little opportunity to get lost, which is always a bonus.

I spent the first leg of the journey sat with a lady who worked at Oxford University, which was intriguing. Other than submitting an ill-fated application there, I knew relatively little, and so learned a lot from the conversation. As a life tip for you, talk to the people you're sat next to when travelling by public transport - I've had some incredibly interesting talks, the highlight being an investigative journalist working on a story concerning corruption in the Nepalese construction industry. The worst that can happen is you come off looking a bit weird, which is pretty much par for the course anyway as far as I'm concerned.

I slept for the latter portion and woke up just before we rolled across the Tyne. I dropped into a local bookshop to visit my friend James, who walked me over to an enormous stack of medical textbooks including the latest edition of Gray's Anatomy, with a decent discount no less. I will be ordering one for delivery to Leamington.

Following that, drinks at The Hancock, student haunt of choice. It's a cheap but lively place just opposite the university and very close to the library, so a fantastic choice for catchups or indeed study-session beverages. From there we moved to Purple Bear, a venue I have never actually been to just off Northumberland St in the middle of town.

It was lovely to catch up with the few people I managed to see, and it was a welcome break from the med school. I was planning on vlogging the trip, but decided when I got there that I didn't want to, and instead just enjoyed the reunion. The false positivity and optimism required of that sort of thing really makes a situation feel artificial.

Headed back to James' (whom I was staying with) and we kicked back with some multiplayer Halo - not a series I've ever actually played before but very enjoyable.

ALSO big news! Today I found out I've been offered the science deputy editorship at The Boar! To be perfectly honest I was slightly worried about not getting it, because of the quality of the friendships I made at The Courier - I didn't want to miss out on that fantastic atmosphere if I could help it.