Day 32 - 3 Minute Skills (26/10/2017)

Started a brand new CBL case - elderly woman with hypertension, being controlled with co-amilozide. We got the feeling she was not being listened to or explained to very carefully, and was resistant to moving to ramipril tablets. There was a general theme of discontent with not having seen her regular GP, and she did not feel as though she had been given adequate input.

As you might guess, learning objectives this week involved the idea of consent and information as well as the biological aspects. Not that they weren't lacking - this was the first week in which we've retired early to go away and get caught up on anatomy and physiology. On Monday I will be presenting on the structure, function and physiology of the kidney nephron. In particular, none of us knew enough about the ion exchanges that take place in the latter portions of the loop of henle and distal convoluted tubules to understand the pharmacology of the case.


In the study period I started to draw out an entire digestive tract from start to finish - the plan is to produce a nice diagram (with labels, no less) at high resolution in Photoshop, then cut out each section and use it to make an Anki deck. I also streamlined our Four Frames approach for taking a clinical history, using mnemonics and organisation to make some elements easier to remember sequentially.

In the afternoon we had a mindfulness session, which was as surreal an experience as ever. I understand the evidence base behind the practice, but I do kind of wish that we weren't told there was supposed to be a positive effect beforehand. It clearly doesn't work for everyone and I feel bad for the people in the room that report feeling the same or worse afterwards as they did before we started.

After that, we had a session of 'Learning to Teach', complementary to a lecture earlier on. Here we were tasked with teaching a partner a skill within 3 minutes using a step-by-step teaching model. In my case, this was speed-folding a shirt, a skill which I myself learned in about 5 minutes last night when I realised I possessed no skills useless enough that they could be taught that quickly. In return for that nugget of knowledge I was taught how to make an origami crane, in which I ALMOST succeeded.

After uni, meetings with production team for the WMS Revue comedy show (it's looking like I will be involved in some capacity) and the science editing team for The Boar. It feels really good to be doing extracurriculars again - the course can feel a bit all-consuming from time to time, even a month in. It's probably unwise to take on too much, but for now I'm willing to take a bit of a punt on that to meet some more people and grasp further opportunities.

I also saw that my first print article for The Boar, concerning the science of Tinder had been published in this week's issue. Fun times.

I also saw that my first print article for The Boar, concerning the science of Tinder had been published in this week's issue. Fun times.