Day 34 - Anatomy Day (28/10/2017)

Up bright and early once again - went for a short run through Leamington and headed to the university for an anatomy revision day hosted by the Surgical Society. Due to the lack of traffic and the convenience of the nearby bus stop, the entire journey took about 20 minutes, which was rather impressive.

We've all been told time and again that if we are to join one society, these days make the Surgical Soc the optimal target of choice. Essentially the day is split into separate workshop stations in the medical school seminar rooms, each containing a particular theme - in this case GI tract anatomy, its vascular supply, liver anatomy etc. If I recall correctly the teachers were all third year or older, and it was actually quite inspiring to see how confident they were in what they were teaching. I have found anatomy to be the most overwhelming part of the course, more because of the novelty than the difficulty per se. It's cool to think that we might know that much in a couple of years.

Lunch rolled around, and pizza was on the table. And everywhere else. It was the highest concentration of cheese-covered dough I could conceive of, outside of the Italian sweatshops where the world's frozen pizzas are presumably manufactured. This was apparently because a medical indemnity group was sponsoring the day, and had therefore provided enormous Costco pizza supplies - most of the slices were easily bigger than my outstretched hand. It was probably a good contributor to my increased calorie target, although I'm sure my liver and heart will protest in due time.

All in all, a really useful day. There were many teaching styles used throughout the sessions, from interactive quizzes to diagrams with blank labels. I basically just enjoy seeing content taught in multiple ways, with helpful mnemonics and ways of remembering things that aren't immediately obvious, or are too profane for university-sanctioned lecturers to provide.

In the evening I came back home and did domestic chores, sadly enough. Also ironed a few shirts for my housemate, because I find ironing a strangely therapeutic activity - it's repetitive and instantly gratifying - much like consuming pizza I suppose. It actually reminded me to do a mindfulness exercise, as the lady running our session on Thursday set me a target of trying to do one every day. I'm still not 100% convinced of the efficacy, but spending a few calm minutes must be good for me at some very basic level, right?