Day 14 - So Very Tired

I realised today after having gone out Thursday night for Doctors and Nurses, gotten up very early for the Becoming A Doctor Conference Saturday morning and subsequently gone to bed late, I've had very little sleep over the last few days. Which is probably I woke up at 12.37 this afternoon. Good times.

It's been very much a relaxed, domestic kind of day - answering emails, preparing for CBL group tomorrow (investigating pharmacology of acid reflux treatment) and trying in futility to sort my day-to-day life out. It's like doing a jigsaw really, except all the pieces are virtually identical, the jigsaw itself is on fire and needs to be assembled around the inside of an active tumble dryer. In space.

Gratuitous analogies aside, despite my overwhelming weariness I do feel like it's been a productive two weeks so far. I was musing this afternoon about how much we've learnt in the two weeks since starting - it's a massively accelerated rate of retention, but incredibly satisfying as a result because it's relatively easy to track your own progress.

Shortly afterwards I was the only doughy boy in that kitchen.

Shortly afterwards I was the only doughy boy in that kitchen.

I've also been pondering a few ideas - a podcast interviewing doctors and scientists about their work and past/current issues affecting the NHS and an audiobook guiding the listener through their own surface anatomy, to be explored using their own hands. A friend from Newcastle triumphantly requested a section devoted entirely to the male genitals. Watch this space.

I also managed to get to grips with the laundry system at the bottom of the house. The washer and dryer are both connected to timed electric supplies, which charge £1 an hour. Unfortunately, all of the cycles last more than that, and the switchboxes only accept the old pound coins. Thankfully I had a few lying around, washed my clothes for an hour, opened the door without thinking afterwards and let all the water out onto my feet. Fantastic. Eventually I did get everything cleaned and dried, giving me at least one aspect of my life that isn't permanently creased and tinged with disappointment. Night all.