Day 37 - MedSoc Cards (31/10/2017)

Interesting day today - final lectures on the kidney (yay), concluding with a 90 minute session led by a consultant kidney specialist. It's become apparent by this stage that anyone who understands this system to very fine degrees is probably some sort of genius. Congratulations nephrologists everywhere.

After these two I picked up my rather spiffy MedSoc membership card (pictured below) and headed off to study. We actually had the entire afternoon free, so I blitzed through as much of the content from Week 1 as I could, assembling 'The Book of Physiology', 'The Book of Anatomy', and 'The Book of Morality' as I went. Full admission - The Book of Morality is the pet name given to a collection of SocPop revision resources that have been generously provided by some altruistic older students. I'm actually hoping to be able to use my print layup skills to render the information into some sort of visually pleasing Revised Edition. When I have some downtime of course - it might be a little while.

After slogging through a metric ton of content, we attended out student seminar, very well put together as always - this time focusing on prepping us for the upcoming formative assessment, using plenty of sample multiple choice / short answer questions. These were mostly academic in nature, with a few SocPop and VLE (Values, Law and Ethics) slants thrown in for good measure. Because past papers aren't provided (as the summative assessments use question banks), this sort of practice is going to be invaluable.

Later on I headed over to do photography for the WMS Revue cast during some of their rehearsals. I think this could be a classic case of trying to do much and having my academics suffer as a result, but the formatives don't actually count for anything and I'm confident that I can still do reasonably well. Of course I may not pass, which would be a pretty good indicator of that not being true, but we shall see.

Also, completely forgot it was Halloween. Still, wouldn't have been doing anything anyway - it's a school night after all.