Day 47 - Respiratory Exams (10/11/2017)

Back in hospital once more, beginning the day with anatomy focused on the structures associated with the nasal cavity, as well as the external and middle ear. This session more than any other has highlighted to me that thorough pre-reading is probably the best way to approach these sessions, as it allows you to ask highly focused questions that consolidate your understanding, particularly if the answers are complex. We were given an illustrated look at the locations of paransasal sinuses within the skull using Minecraft, of all things. The demonstrator did mention the need to ask his son how to turn the in-game rain off. Otherwise excellent. Additionally, one of the consultant surgeons who was able to recommend me another surgeon to try and observe!

Also well and truly returned to the land of A-Level chemistry - acid and base equations are coming soon. Looking back over this stuff is really weird, in that it's not academically that challenging at all relatively speaking, but for my 17 year old self it was pure, unleaded nightmare fuel.

Clinical skills in the afternoon, starting with revision of the general history. I had developed an awful headache earlier on in the day and felt completely out of it, meaning that I missed some incredibly obvious things to check for, such as weight loss. We moved onto respiratory exams, for which I volunteered to be the class guinea pig. I try to do this whenever I can, partly just to speed up the process, but also because it lets me feel what incompetent practice would feel like for someone else - quite uncomfortable, as it turns out. I did get my own back later on with an off-target jab to the ribs (although I suppose it's not revenge if it was on someone other than the one who got me)

Not my chest, for reference.

Not my chest, for reference.

House party in the evening over in Kenilworth - a much needed break after the first formative the previous weekend and a busy week of mechanics and fluid dynamics. Won out in the longest game of beer pong that has ever taken place (due to unanimous lack of skill rather than difficulty) and generally unwound. My coursemate stayed on our downstairs sofa due to transport issues, and displayed the remarkable skill of falling asleep halfway through a sentence, then waking up 20 minutes later and finishing it.