Day 51 - Sick Day (14/11/2017)

Safe to say I did not make it into university today. Went to bed immediately on returning home yesterday, slept a few hours, woke up with an enormous headache. Slept on and off until about 1am – was so congested and unsettled I didn’t fall asleep again until it was light outside. The two morning lectures had been cancelled thankfully, so the plan was to try and make it to the afternoon ones. That did not happen either – my day has entirely consisted of snatching sleep where possible and consuming enormous quantities of water.

Thankfully the lectures are all recorded with the echo system so I’ll be able to catch up on them in the afternoon tomorrow. There’s an introduction to cardiorespiratory imaging, one on gender and ethnicity with regards to medicine, and then two concerning the pathology and pharmacology of airways disease. Not exactly light reading.

In my dazed state I feel like I did a lot of reflecting on the SocPop issues surrounding people unable to work, but sadly I can’t recall any of it. I bet it was really insightful, too. The only thing of value I did achieve today was explaining to a friend from back home that paedophiles and paediatricians are not the same thing.