Day 53 - Take Me Out (16/11/2017)

CBL Thursdays! Brand new case, a little bit more vague than before – an old lady with a clear, productive cough who makes a whistling sound on exhalation (a wheeze to you and me). She’d been given a blue inhaler in the past which hadn’t worked, and had felt so unheard by her doctor that she had not returned for a repeat appointment. Lots of SocPop to cover, including the different models of patient-doctor relationship that I’ve mentioned before. Rather bizarrely, the normal anatomy of the lower respiratory tract was an area we were supposed to cover, despite having had no teaching on it yet, and since the cases aren’t released until the day, we couldn’t have pre-read either. Maybe we’ll need to pre-empt harder.

This was followed by a lecture on confidentiality – quite interesting, detailed the types of situation in which the doctor’s duty of confidentiality might need to be broken in order to uphold public safety. The lecturer apparently reads this blog, alongside an unspecified quantity of other medical school staff – fantastic delivery by the way, very engaging. Thanks for reading! On this note, I also picked up an encrypted USB drive from the office. We need to use these to store highly sensitive information, such as that gathered on our community placements.

Two anatomy lectures in the afternoon, one on the thorax, tracheobronchial tree and lungs, and the latter focusing on the larynx. With regards to the larynx, I’m quite sure that the original anatomists were particularly sadistic individuals, giving every component very similar sounding names for the sole purpose of upsetting future medical students.


Big event in the evening – Warwick Marrow’s ‘Take Me Out’ charity event to benefit Anthony Nolan, working to match blood/stem cell donors to patients. I’m not an avid photography fan by any means, but I fell into doing it for the Revue, and based on that I was ‘volunteered’ in advance by a friend from that without warning. Thanks Kirsty!

It was very entertaining – the general premise (for those that like myself have never seen the show) is that there’s an array of girls, to which a man will be displayed. Each of the girls in this case carried a balloon, which she could pop at any time to indicate she did not want to go out with him. The man introduced himself, showed a prepared video, then performed a talent. If after this there were two or more girls remaining with balloons, he would pop them until two were left. He would ask the remaining two a question, and eliminate one more. The other girl and the guy then go on a date, presumably get married and live happily ever after in a small suburb in Middlesbrough.


Fake it till you make it with this sort of thing. I’ve blagged my way through photographic jobs enough times that I think I’m starting to become something approaching competent. It’s also a nice progression through the spiderweb of opportunities that this blog has presented – were it not for the vlog videos I wouldn’t have been offered the part in the Revue (along with the photography), which in turn would not have led to this role tonight. I don’t really know what I’m doing at any given point in time, but the flailing around is at least a little bit fun.