Day 55 - Family Visit (18/11/2017)

Today was nice - my Mum and younger brother came to visit me down in the South (it is technically the Midlands but we're from North Yorkshire, so anything past Leeds is pushing it really). It's a drive of about 3 hours, but thankfully pretty much a straight journey once you get to the M1, and you can get to Leamington Spa without passing through any other towns.

Neither of them had seen my new domicile, so after briefly showing them around we left to go and have a wander around Leamington. I still haven't seen certain parts of it, so after making some lunch reservations at Bill's we headed for the Royal Priors shopping centre, followed by the Jephson Gardens in the southern part of the town. I've only rushed past this area before, so it was nice to meander around and take in the sights. There was also an indoor subtropical garden, full of exotic plants and containing a small stream with some fish.

We returned to the central area for lunch, during which both my mother and brother experienced the fabled Chocolate Bombe - sadly it was too cold for the salted caramel to melt through the chocolate dome properly. I opted for the chocolate brownie instead, along with an interesting watermelon and raspberry based drink. Always a good place to eat.

When I was living in Newcastle in my third year with some coursemates, we decided that we should replace the old-fashioned CRT TV in the living room. I scouted out a 55" plasma option for £100 on Gumtree, which we collected and brought back. Instead of dealing with the pain in the arse of splitting the cost and reselling it later, I decided to simply take the hit and have it remain my own property. I took it with me when I moved out, and thanks to the efforts of my Mum and brother it now lives in my bedroom here in Leamington, to be taken with us when we move to a new house for second year come August.

It's completely ridiculous and over-the-top to have it here, but I think I'll manage somehow.