Day 56 - Leamington Lights (19/11/2017)

Slow day - watched some lectures in the morning and went over my notes again, trying to improve on my anatomical diagrams. Did some graphic design work for Warwick NeuroSoc - I was in the process of producing a poster for an event that unfortunately won't be going ahead. Ah well, we can use the design for something else I'm sure.

Big news in small Leamington: Today was the date of the Leamington Spa Christmas Lights switch-on event - a very special day in English populations everywhere. I've been seeing a ton of pictures from my friends at their respective events recently (shoutout to the Durham Lumiere and York Museum Gardens).

I waited for it to start darkening outside (around 4pm, depressingly) and headed into town - I was stunned by how busy it was. The entire parade was rammed with market stalls, live performers and funfair-style attractions - shooting ranges, bouncy castles, that sort of thing. I went to meet with Emily and a friend visiting her, to pass the time in a pub while we waited for the countdown to start.


Irritatingly, despite having been told by multiple sources that the lights were supposed to be turned on at 5pm, when we left the pub at 4.56pm they had already been illuminated. How odd. Anyway, we meandered back up through the town, looking longingly at the enormous array of delicious and deeply unhealthy food (we did eventually compromise on purchasing one brownie and one piece of peanut butter cake, to be split between the three of us).

Scripted and filmed some more video this evening, and generally just prepared for tomorrow. Thankfully we're past the first two weeks of the block now so everything gets a little less intense, and we have our first community day to look forward to this week. Still, I'm sure CBL will find a way to give us a kicking tomorrow.