Day 39 - Block 1 Roundup (02/11/2017)

The final day of university teaching for Block 1 - Health and Metabolism! We've still got another day at UHCW tomorrow but for lecture-based content that's it. At least until Monday, when we dive headfirst into the chasm of Block 2.

In the morning we worked our way around revision stations covering the core principles of each case we've covered, such as physiology of the liver and kidney, some basics of glucose metabolism and steps involved in inflammation. These were useful enough, but part of me did just want to be sat upstairs revising on what I knew I needed to be doing. Curse the sign-in sheet and its powers of monitoring.

In the afternoon I cracked on with rote-learning study, trying to consolidate diagrams and fact-recall content into distilled forms. Diagrams illustrating blood flow are just line drawings that I remember by focusing on spatial layout, for example, while for structural anatomy I like to draw elements of the abdomen into place one by one, starting at either the posterior or anterior wall and working through.

I'm currently planning on taking the formative exam on Saturday night or Sunday morning - it opened at 9am today and can be taken anytime up until 5pm on Wednesday. There are no consequences for now if we fail other than a recommendation to meet with our tutors, but if we do not engage with it then we lose the right to sit the end-of-year exam in the summer. This would obviously not be ideal, so I don't really want to leave it at all close to that deadline. Plus completing it (relatively) early gives me a small break at the weekend before the start of Block 2.

Exuberant practising

Exuberant practising

Went to the Revue tech rehearsal in the evening just to grab a few backstage photos - everything seems to be starting to come together and it's of very high standard considering how little time the cast and crew have had to sort things out. Going to the staff showing after hospital tomorrow, so that'll be an interesting experience based on what I've seen of the show so far.

Also, by request, please find attached a picture of the successful WMS Game Show Jamboree, in which students compete against staff in what I can only assume is some sort of quiz. Well done Titanic Swim Team for having won the competition that you entered. We're all proud of you.