Day 59 - Three Full Buses (22/11/2017)

A bit of a full day today - woke up with a migraine, could not get up properly to make the first morning lecture (I caught up via echo this evening, for reference) so took painkillers and prayed for them to act reasonably quickly.

CBL called for an 11am session, and I dutifully left the house at 10.20, ready to catch a bus for the 15-or-so minute journey to the university. Not one, not two, but three buses all went past the stop and did not slow down, for they were completely full - at least the drivers looked somewhat apologetic as they did. At about 10.45 I buzzed ahead to the group to let them know I'd be late, at which point my very kind colleague drove out to Leamington to rescue me, and one round-trip later we made it back only 10 minutes late. Success.


We concluded the case, which had been a bit more technical than the others so far. The patient was diagnosed with COPD, likely exacerbated by a long previous history of smoking. We had to interpret some spirometry test results, which essentially measure lung function compared to what would be predicted in a healthy patient of the same age, height and sex. Her expiratory ability did not improve after being given a bronchodilator, ruling out asthma and confirming an obstructive problem.

We ended the session with a very quick look over performing respiratory exams - I went and found an examination couch, brought it back to our CBL seminar room and practiced percussing and auscultating (listening with a stethoscope for unusual breathing sounds at sites across the chest and abdomen).

Got some work done in the afternoon, and headed back to Leamington, taking the accursed bus system once again. This time however, the bus was virtually empty and the driver ushered me on without making me pay. On average we're probably at about neutral for the day as far as the bus is concerned.

In the evening a few of us went out for a meal at Pizza Express, followed by drinks and board games at our favourite local pub. While my scrabble performance left a lot to be desired, I did scrape a win in Trivial Pursuit (obviously the game of intellectuals). Good day.