Day 60 - Floor-based Mindfulness (23/11/2017)

New CBL case, and one in which we seemed to take a different approach. Bolstered by a particularly effective chair for the session, we blitzed through some revision of the normal relevant anatomy and physiology. A patient was suffering from chest pain which radiated to her left shoulder, as well as managing long-term angina.

This showed (supporting feedback from our facilitator) that we had perhaps dwelled on the pathophysiology of the CBL cases up to this point, becoming so focused on the minutiae of the case in particular that we had neglected the broader learning outcomes. After all, the CBL cases are not simply an opportunity to apply what we've learned in the taught lectures - they're supposed to be useful in reinforcing it and extending our knowledge through self-directed research and planning, which obviously requires good understanding of what is normal in a healthy human.

In the afternoon we had our first session on 'reflections', brainstorming on the constituent components of an effective reflection and the best ways to organise and structure them, as well as where the focuses should lie. For example, they should be honest, insightful, constructive and provide targets for improvement that are feasible to implement. I had a go before the session using one of the reflection models provided in our workbooks and was quite proud of the results, having considered my experience from our first community day. This pleased state quickly evaporated when I realised that further down the page we were actually recommended a different model to use. Ah well.

Mindfulness at the end of the day, another breathing-exercise based session which for some reason made me feel incredibly agitated towards the end. I'm still not 100% convinced there's anything actually going on, but given the relatively small amount of time a session takes it doesn't bother me too much. Perhaps it's the cynic in me.

Two cast members with their peer-nominated awards ('Fancy Pants - Best Costume' and 'Best Vocals')

Two cast members with their peer-nominated awards ('Fancy Pants - Best Costume' and 'Best Vocals')

Revue-nion meal in the evening, a very pleasant affair. The cast and crew from the show (I suppose by proxy including yours truly) met for a curry at the Millenium Balti in Leamington, followed by drinks at the Wetherspoons, where I stayed until closing despite meaning to slip away quietly after the meal. While a technical error meant my food order had not been taken properly, a mistake on someone else's part freed up some curried lamb, which did the job perfectly nicely.