Day 63 - Immobilised (26/11/2017)

I was very much planning on making it into uni today to go through lectures from the previous week - unfortunately when I got home late last night I tripped over a weight that I inexplicably left in front of the door. This resulted in landing quite heavily on the side of my foot and a lot of pain - I've spent the day sprawled on my bed with an ice pack on it, but I have at least been able to stream lectures on my TV and catch up that way, so I'm not behind.

In other news, I was informed through YouTube analytics that some traffic is coming to my channel through TheStudentRoom, a notorious cesspool of a website. Still, I figured this was an opportunity to drive some more traffic to my content and help out med school applicants, so I made an account and posted an open Q&A invitation. It transpired that someone else in my year at Warwick has already posted some of my videos in there, although at this point in time I don't know who it is. Such a mystery.

I also succumbed on Black Friday to purchasing a discounted Amazon Fire TV stick - basically a cheap way to turn your TV into a 'smart' one, perfect in the case of my aging one. I consume a lot of content though YouTube and Prime Video, and while I would normally try to knock something together using a raspberry pi or similar boards, I really don't have time at the moment and this does the job nicely.