Day 64 - The Heart (27/11/2017)

Today I think I learned more about the structure and function of the heart than I ever wanted to know. We were lucky enough to have a senior cardiology registrar take us on a whistle-stop tour through the cellular events that give control over heart movements, the basics of ischaemic heart disease, and an introduction to the interpretation of ECGs. There's a ton of material to go over, although it's something I feel like we'll be seeing a lot more of as the course progresses.

Study in the afternoon - I opened the Anki client software to discover that for some reason none of my Block 2 cards have saved properly. Sad. Ah well. Back to the beginning we go. At least this forces me to reprocess material in order to write the questions again. I can't stress enough that, at least speaking personally, writing the cards is such a huge proportion of the learning. While you could get by simply doing the cards on repeat and forcing them into memory, I think trying to predict the types of questions and phrasing them in different ways is an invaluable learning tool.

Second part of the case in CBL, beginning with excellent presentations from a few members of the group on the basics of atherosclerosis, pathology of myocardial infarction and the relevant drugs for heart disease. Once again it felt like we ploughed through a large amount of content and haven't left much for the final session on Wednesday. Efficiency is improving for sure.