Day 65 - Community Presentation 1 (28/11/2017)

A week ago we interviewed our first patient in a community setting, an entry which I highly recommend you read - it's a biggie. Anyway, we were tasking with compressing what we'd learned during that experience into a 15 minute presentation which we would have to deliver to our community supervisors and the rest of our community group (8 more people).

Due to some slight complications (very busy schedules, a birthday at the weekend and half our group being infected with some sort of plague) we left it until yesterday to decide what how we were going to approach it. Which is how I found myself awake at 5.30 this morning frantically  collating everyone's separate notes into a coherent presentation.

It was really interesting hearing from the other groups about their experiences, as they managed to capture the personality and feelings of their patients despite having to present completely anonymised information. Social factors very much came to the fore, and we had all independently asked about the desirable characteristics of a good physician - some strong lessons to take home. None of us managed to keep to the 15 minute time limit, particularly our group who finished at a sluggish 24 minutes. In our defence, we had included a poem given to us by our patient. Furthermore, the sessions were apparently designed with groups of 3 in mind rather than the 4 we had - future presentations might be extended to 20 minutes.

Lunch was grim - we all went out for a meal as a large group which was lovely, but both myself and Tom were immensely disappointed by the food. My carbonara was essentially just macaroni cheese with bacon. Still, the atmosphere was good, despite our having to rush to make it back to the base on time for the afternoon session.

Which was a talk from a smoking cessation expert on the health effects of long term smoking and the kind of strategies used to help people quit, particularly pregnant women. There were some interesting facts in there I'd never heard before, including that the formulation of cigarettes is such that they are effectively designed to be addictive - I suppose that makes sense, just like any consumable product. We rounded out the day with some feedback on how we thought the community days were going and headed home.

In the evening I took a nap, woke up and decided to nap again (the classic). This second slumber rapidly became a nightmare, which I suppose serves me right. I'm planning on going for an early morning run tomorrow - it's currently 00:57, so we'll see whether or not that goes ahead.