Day 66 - ECG Labs (29/11/2017)

Thankfully I did make it up reasonably early - went for an early run just after 6am through the very cold outskirts of Leamington Spa. Cleaned up in my room as best I could, as restrictors were being fitted to my window today (presumably to stop despondent medical students from throwing themselves out). To be honest, it's not that high so you'd probably just end up at the hospital anyway, whether you were there to be educated or not.

CBL this morning, continuing with our heart-problem patient. We carried on as best we could, reaching a bit of an impasse when it came to interpretation of ECGs. We didn't really feel like we'd had enough time to go over it properly, so I have tasked myself with learning it properly and then teaching the group next week - it's something I really want to get to grips with. The stress of the past few weeks is really starting to build now as we approach the break, and we're focused on just making it to the end.

This process will be helped along by the optional ECG labs I attended this afternoon. Most people had opted to do them in the morning to keep their afternoon clear, so this actually meant that only four of us were present, resulting in an unbelievable demonstrator:student ratio. Working in pairs we performed 4-lead ECGs on one another, and then on our demonstrator who displayed an unusual reading, which was very interesting. We also had a cardiology nurse feed us tips and tricks on interpreting ECGs efficiently, as well as checking our understanding by providing us with some more to look at. Hearing her stories about interesting cases was fascinating.

In the evening we went out for my housemates' birthday, dining at The Fox and Vivian in Leamington - the food was delicious and we once again wound up playing Scrabble. I made a devastating play which I assumed would give me the game, and in my overconfidence lost to a very shrewd coursemate. Still, excellent day overall.


PS. When I got home, I was delighted to find a signed bookplate sent to me by Adam Kay, of Amateur Transplants fame, who has recently released his collection of diary entries from his time as a junior doctor. His book, 'This Is Going To Hurt' is an absolutely fantastic read and I very strongly recommend it for anyone interested in any capacity in the workings (and failings) of the NHS. Go follow him on Twitter at @amateuradam - very funny guy. Thanks so much Adam!