Day 67 - Reunion (30/11/2017)

New CBL case! There was very little information provided for the first session, so we used it as an opportunity to go over some normal cardiac physiology. Patient presented with an oozing cut on his leg and increasing shortness of breath, as well as a feeling that his heart was pounding very fast. This case seems to be focused on heart failure and myocardial infarction as far as we can tell. There were a few evident SocPop discussion points as well - he was determined not to go to hospital unless things got worse, and had already suffered for several months before even coming to the GP. We evaluated the possible reasons why, and how to deal with patients who are reluctant to act on the advice of their doctors.

Opposite CBL I managed to get through nearly all the Anatomy workbook for this week - it's wonderful when that happens. I'm actually starting to understand cardiac anatomy much better now, particularly the locations and branches of the relevant blood vessels. The mechanical elements are starting to settle in too, but I still need to get to grips with ECGs properly - that's a job for the weekend.

After two more lectures (heart failure and pharmacology) I set off for main campus to catch up with a schoolfriend who is also studying at Warwick, as chance would have it. He's done very well for himself, landing a job in investment banking - it's funny to think that some of my friends are starting off their careers now, while I've got another four years (at least) to go. Still, I'm sure it'll go by all too quickly.

After a late arrival home from uni around 9pm we were all tired and very hungry - the perfect situation to remedy with the cheapest chicken nuggets in town. It was very very tragic and very very delicious.