Day 41 - WMS Revue (04/11/2017)

The day of the Revue! I spent the morning going over SocPop definitions - I have been previously advised that if you can simply repeat the definitions verbatim, you'll do well in the relatively high-yield parts of the exam. I get the feeling that a lot of us are skeptical about certain elements of it, mainly because of how woolly a lot of the concepts seem to be - that's been a difficult thing to get used to coming from my molecular biology background. Still, I guess it's just a case of jumping through the right hoops to pass.

The rest of the day was spent preparing for the Warwick Medical School Revue, an annual comedy show put on by medical students to lampoon their teaching staff and consultants. I was roped in fairly late on, contributing a vlog-style sketch to open the show and doing photography on the night of the show, alongside some video recording for posterity.


It was a lot of fun, and I'm really quite regretful at this stage that I didn't get more involved - there was some ridiculous talent on display and the entire cast was really nice. I made a few friends and a few contacts here and there, but next year I'm aiming to be part of the stage cast or perhaps the onstage band. The show came off incredibly well, lewd as you could imagine, and the crowd that completely packed out the venue seemed to love it. There was even a cameo appearance (willingly or otherwise) from Tom Grant, a local legend here at Warwick Medical School, who produced some very high-quality Anki revision card decks that we all use today.


It was essentially a compilation of separate sketches, commencing with an homage to Game of Thrones, in which the medical school teaching staff faced an assault by the directors of two privately-funded medical schools. Other highlights included a reworded Disney song compilation (featuring hits such as 'TB HIV', to the tune of 'Beauty and the Beast' and 'Morning Pill', to 'Let it Go' from Frozen.

After the show we ventured to Altoria, a small club in Leamington for the 'after-party'. I hadn't been drinking during the show, but it was nice to unwind with both the cast and first-year coursemates. The playlist was decidedly 80s, which is never a bad thing and made me nostalgic for Flares in Newcastle. Excellent evening, all things considered.