Day 45 - New Seminars (08/11/2017)

Long day today. Began in the morning with more lectures on the mechanics of breathing, as well as the movement of oxygen and carbon dioxide under various conditions. Topics like acid-base conjugations, formation of acids in solution and equilibrium shift are all appearing once again from A level chemistry - I'll never escape it.

We also were paid a visit by outreach staff from the GMC, outlining what the role of the GMC actually is and our duties with regards to monitoring our own behaviour. They seemed very keen to express that all the scary rumours we've heard about people being struck off aren't as true as people would have us believe, and what their actual process entails if something seems amiss. As far as I could tell afterwards, we're still slightly wary of them. We've heard enough horror stories by now that I think that will likely remain the case.

We technically finished at 12.30, so I went and worked diligently through until my student-led seminar at 6.30. Due to some sort of administrative issue, myself and a few others from the study group had been reassigned, which I reflexively found highly irritating, but thankfully the new teachers are very good and the standard hasn't dropped. Onwards and upwards.