Day 77 - Clos-t Office (10/12/2017)

So much snow! I needed to go into town to collect a parcel and grab some more little bits for Christmas, so myself and Emily headed towards the South end of Leamington Spa. There was snow absolutely everywhere, everything was completely covered. As we wandered down towards our destination we diverted through parks and side streets, admiring the snowmen littering the place.


Jephson Gardens in particular was stunning, as virtually all of the snow was undisturbed. There was a guy flying a drone around which we (successfully) tried to avoid bumping into, and we circumvented the entire gardens before realising quite how far we'd come. Sadly the indoor heated garden area was closed, so we finally left and made our way over the bridge to the post office.

Which for some reason unknown to me was closed during a time when the little red card promised it would be open. Sad. Trudged all the way back home with very wet feet, called my Dad and found some very enticing tubes of Smarties that I thought would make excellent stocking filler presents. It was still snowing at this time, to the point that by the time I made it home I was absolutely sodden.

The afternoon and evening were consumed by further OSCE preparation - we're starting to feel at least a little more competent I think. The big difference for me has been made by going back to basics and attempting to understand the medical causes of all the signs we're taught to look for. Some people have tried to approach this problem the other way around and remember when we're NOT supposed to look for certain things e.g. koilonychia, cyanosis etc, but I found this very difficult as a method. It takes more effort, and I did not feel like I'd learned anything, rather that I was simply walking through a script.