Day 79 - Night before mOSCEs (12/12/2017)

Got up reasonably early to cram in some further revision, and headed in with my housemates to support them as they took their mOSCEs. We were a bit concerned about the roads, which have been quite treacherous because of the recent snow. Thankfully we made it to uni without incident or tragic death, and I headed to the IT room to study. There had been some severe delays because of the weather, and most of the OSCE sessions were running approximately 30 minutes behind, which presumably provided either relief or increased nervousness to the test-takers.

I was trying to get as many people from our CBL group together at once as possible to deliver our gift to our facilitator. She's a self-admitted Harry Potter obsessive, so we ordered one of those colour-changing mugs where a pattern appears on it with hot water, in this case to resemble the Marauder's Map. She seemed to enjoy it at any rate, which I suppose counts as a success.

People were gradually coming out of their OSCEs throughout the day, with varying levels of happiness. The common feedback was 'it's not as bad once you're actually in there', which is one of those 'not-actually-useful-but-still-reassuring' remarks. Apparently the university is also asking people to sign NDAs to prevent them telling other people what the content of the test is. This obviously makes sense, although I am somewhat skeptical of it making much difference in practicality.

Was offered a lift back to Leamington by a generous CBL-groupmate, so I thought it would be a nice gesture to offer a coffee and some cake at Coffee Architects in return. It was delicous as per usual, and made all the difference in the bitter cold currently clinging onto the area.


As of writing my mOSCE is at 1:30 tomorrow afternoon, after which I will be finished for the holidays. I'm actually not too nervous now and just raring to have a go - I don't really mind if I fail because I think feedback given based on mistakes is easier to remember because it sticks with you like a mark of shame, which is probably better for retaining it long-term. Going to wake up early to go through everything again because I want to make a good go of it, but this sort of thing is why we're all at medical school rather than anywhere else. It's pretty exciting.