Day 83 - Coventry Catchup (16/12/2017)

Started cleaning up for home today and said goodbye to my remaining medic housemate - I am now the last of us in this expansive house. I still need to hoover up, but good luck to anyone trying to track down the elusive pink Henry that lives somewhere in our house. I've seen it precisely twice since arriving and have instead resorted to thoroughly skimming the room with a dustpan and brush.

Made my way into Coventry to return some ill-fitting clothes, as well as to catch up with an upstanding guy I met at the Becoming A Doctor conference in Manchester a few weeks back when I spoke as part of the graduate entry medicine session. In a very bizarre turn of events he turned out to be a friend of the girlfriend of one of my best friends from Newcastle (hopefully that sentence didn't just fizzle out in your mind) so it only seemed polite to meet and talk about medical admissions.

The centre of Coventry all dolled up for the holidays

The centre of Coventry all dolled up for the holidays

He's studying Medical Sciences, which from what I can tell seems to be extremely similar to an actual medicine course, with more emphasis placed on cellular mechanisms and the like instead of clinical skills. They have PBL sessions just as we do at Warwick, which would present an interesting avenue for those interested in applying to medicine at graduate level. What is even more interesting however is that those achieving a 2.1 or a 1st in this course are guaranteed an interview for the 5 year medicine course without having to take the GAMSAT. They don't have a four year course as of yet, but I suspect that a few universities will introduce them over the next few years given the government pledge to increase the number of medical school places.

This evening I've spent a good chunk of time answering emails and social media messages from people who watch my YouTube channel - engagement has really started to pick up recently, which I would imagine is probably due to interviews looming ever closer for those who have applied this cycle. To this end, it seems like a cool idea to start offering practise interviews via Skype for those interested - just get in touch with me if you want to arrange one.