Day 84 - Driving Home For Christmas (17/12/2017)

Hometime! Woke up early to finish off the packing I really should have done yesterday, cleaned around my room one final time and generally whiled away the morning until my Dad arrived. He quite obviously needed a coffee after the drive so we headed (for the third time this week) to Coffee Architects, because it's great.

It's an approximately three-and-a-half hour drive from Leamington to where I live in North Yorkshire, but thankfully almost entirely on the motorway. We broke up the journey with a stop at Little Chef, the one true roadside eatery. Apparently they are all due to be closed by the beginning of 2018, so I'm thankful I had one final chance to consume the slightly disappointing (but very satisfying on a journey) wares.

Made it home about 6pm, was greeted promptly by my cat Bonnie - we actually have two, but Max tends to treat me with cool indifference, as cats are wont to do. No snow up here sadly, but I am pleased to be away from the med school for a while. Truth be told, I didn't often look forward to coming home from Newcastle, but in this case the intensity of the course has made me simply want to go somewhere else. I'm still happy to think about medicine, just not at the university or anywhere near it.

I've set a few targets for myself, including working on a practice UKCAT, doing some pre-reading for Block 3 and trying to remake a bunch of my missing Anki cards from Blocks 1 & 2. Also tried to record this week's diary video, but messed up the export from my audio recording software and neglected to save it. I just spent 20 minutes talking to a camera for no fruitful reason at all. It's also too late now (11.40pm) to have another go tonight, as I run the very real risk of waking my family. Will try again in the morning.