Day 69 - Coffee Architects (02/12/2017)

Did not wake up early - wound up staying up late watching not-excellent comedy movies (most enjoyable of the bunch was Horrible Bosses). Also started watching a new series - Junior Doctors: Blood, Sweat and Tears. While I haven't warmed to all of them yet, I do enjoy these shows because of their realistic approach. One of the doctors it followed was working on a respiratory ward, which is what we're currently studying so at least I understood some snippets of terminology. These new FY1s had just come out of medical school and it was nice to see that they're all highly enthusiastic about what they're doing, despite the long education beforehand.

Have done a bit of work on my Anki deck this morning, having saved over an enormous amount of preparation by accident earlier in the week. This afternoon three of us went on a hunt for student estate agents, trying to find somewhere suitable to live next year. We want to stay here in Leamington, and thankfully trying to find a house for just us rather than six or seven should be much easier. On the way to the south end of town we came across three actors promoting a Star Wars event at the local church, and two of us went to get our picture while our companion protested it was 'too cringeworthy'.


It was an incredibly cold day so we decided to head for a warm drink at a local coffee shop highly recommended by many at the med school. The place was called 'Coffee Architects', and while it was absolutely rammed inside, they offered us a spot in the rear garden, with patio heating as well as blankets and hot water bottles. We got to talking with a lady sat nearby about our experiences moving down to Leamington from elsewhere, as well as her retraining process after leaving the bank she had worked for. Absolutely delicious hot chocolate (and sticky toffee cake, which I delicately acquired a sliver of from my housemate).