Day 86 - Jamming Again (19/12/2017)

Woke up late today. It's getting extremely cold at night now, and my cat (precious darling though she is) will sit outside my bedroom door and yeowl until I let her in. She then sneaks under the bedcovers, only to wake up a couple of hours later and similarly demand to be let back out. For those wondering why I don't simply leave the door open and go to sleep, it's because I'm afraid of marauders.

More interviews today, no major news to report apart from one candidate asked for shorter time intervals in which to answer questions, which was obviously very easy to oblige. Not that it feels like it makes much difference though, the time flies regardless because people are very clearly trying to say a lot within a short time span.


Made it to a local open mic night in the evening - me and my Dad used to frequent them a lot, so it's nicely nostalgic. I play the electric guitar, and these events are a great chance to get up and play with a randomer-or-three for a set. Nobody's ever in time with one another, and inevitably not the same key, but it's very entertaining nonetheless and certainly easier on the brain than lectures on how breathing works.