Day 87 - Wednesday, My Dudes (20/12/2017)

More interviews today - really starting to get into the swing of doing them now, and quite enjoying being on the other side of things. I'm collecting (with permission of course) a few bits of data from applicants including their UKCAT score, where they have applied to, educational background and what resources they have used to support their application study (Kaplan books, Medify, interview coaching etc.). This way we'll be able to guide future applicants on where the statistically optimal places to apply for are based on their situation, as well as recommend the best resources.

Spent the afternoon drawing the stomach from various angles with different layers removed - I've actually had to learn more anatomy than I previously knew to do this justice, but it's hopefully a valuable learning process. Interest in the mock interviews seems to be very high among the people that consume my content, and requests are coming in disturbingly fast - trying to distribute as best I can throughout my time off to spread the load. I have no qualms in giving support to anyone who asks for it, but it really highlights the need (or at least strong desire) for this 1-1 personalised interaction in the application process.