Day 94 - Devising (27/12/2017)

Back to work proper today - started work early in the morning expanding my UKCAT question bank and refining my interview question bank. I also started reading a book received from my little brother for Christmas, Fragile Lives: A Heart Surgeon's Stories of Life and Death on the Operating Table. It was a fantastic gift, as I find books about surgery immensely thrilling. While the authors are often sufficiently eloquent that events unfold slowly and delicately on paper, I try to imagine the pace at which these events must be transpiring in real life with people bustling and monitors flashing all around.

I suspect my cat might be simple

I suspect my cat might be simple

A few more interviews done today as well - unfortunately at this point I've had to firmly stop offering them. The offer was made in good faith and I hate letting people down, but realistically at this point I know that accepting more would leave me with little time to get on with my own work - I have to get better at recognising and reacting to these situations.

Also booked my train tickets to Edinburgh for New Year's Eve as I've very kindly been invited up by a schoolfriend studying there. Through the bizarre machinations of travel pricing I was able to upgrade my standard ticket to first class for the princely sum of £0.75. Now to work out what exactly that means and how to pretend I'm supposed to be there.

Took the dog out in the evening, absolutely pitch black and bitterly cold. Still, I safely navigated my way to a stream so he could have a swim, though why exactly he wanted to is completely beyondme.