Day 72 - Operation OSCE ANKI (05/12/2017)

Okay, unusual day today. Because we're doing the formative at the end of this week, I spent today focused purely on the OSCE a week tomorrow. This meant watching through all the relevant videos on GeekyMedics, writing copious notes and researching the various signs we theoretically need to be able to explain.

I've complemented this by adding Anki cards that phrase questions in multiple ways e.g. 'What signs might you expect to see if the patient was suffering from bacterial endocarditis', 'what do Janeway lesions signify' etc. Hopefully blasting through some of these every day should keep me ticking over - I really want to record some audio prompts that I can listen to when going for runs or exercising in general. Efficiency is the name of the game.

Having heard the reports from my classmates, I'm rather glad I didn't go in. Apparently the one-hour lecture that began at 11 was still going at 1.15. There's a definite difference at this stage when I compare it to my undergrad degree. Back then, people didn't turn up because they were either hungover, were otherwise engaged or simply couldn't be bothered. However at this point, the workload is such that if we genuinely feel we'd be more productive elsewhere, then elsewhere we go. If someone isn't present in a lecture, chances are very high they're simply upstairs in the study area, going over a more complicated concept.

I've also assimilated a splinter. When the locks were changed on the bedroom doors, the facilitator of the changing did not make the best job in the world of removing the wood debris from the carpet. Now I fully appreciate that in the adjourning period I could have cleaned the rest myself, but domestically I'm not the tidiest and my mind has been elsewhere. Anyway, I leapt out of bed this morning and in walking to the kitchen felt a sting in my toe. I have no tweezers, and didn't really want to go poking with the sharp end of a knife. At this point the skin has somewhat healed over the small piece of detritus and it's become part of my being now. We haven't looked at feet yet, so hopefully it won't kill me.