Day 73 - Secret Santa (06/12/2017)

A very joyous day. Our CBL group met first thing for brunch at Xananas on main campus, with everyone wearing their finest Christmas jumpers - shoutout to Ryan for his 50% spandex brightly coloured little number, featuring a dinosaur projecting lasers from its mouth. It's like every 80s fever dream come true simultaneously. This time I opted for the bacon and egg roll, which was absolutely delicious.

Following this we made our way back to the MTC for CBL, our only other scheduled task for the day. Everyone was in such high spirits that it just seemed cruel to try and do too much work. We exchanged Secret Santa gifts in overzealous secrecy, and proceeded to open them one by one around the room. Sample presents were a suturing kit, a head-mounted basketball game and a self-care kit. In my case, I received an extremely thoughtful personalised beer mug with 'Eat, Sleep, Vlog, Repeat emblazoned upon the side - excellent gift!


As determined as we had been to simply consume copious amounts of mince pies and watch 'Elf' in the session (which for those interested I have never actually seen - I understand this to be a point of contention for some people), we did actually finish the case. We blasted rapidly through the investigations from session 2, which had been largely consumed by our presentations, and nailed the diagnosis - bilateral congestive heart failure. The main identifier for this was that the patient displayed both pulmonary and pedal oedema, indicating that fluid had backed up behind both sides of the heart.

In the afternoon I worked on my Anki deck and tried to condense down my existing block 2 notes in preparation for the roundup day tomorrow - I very much did not enjoy the last one and will simply try to endure this one. The surgical society have put out interest forms for students looking for a surgical mentor (such as yours truly), which seems like an excellent opportunity if it comes through.

Also, I mentioned a splinter in a previous entry (probably yesterday). I made the bold and stupid decision to simply carve open the end of my toe with a sharp jewellers' screwdriver - alcohol sterilised, no less. It turned out not to be a piece of wood invading my flesh, but instead a small piece of glass, which is probably why it hurt so much. Disposed of it, cleaned the wound, done and dusted.