Day 74 - Block 2 Assessment (07/12/2017)

Long day. We had our block 2 roundup today, in which we rotated around stations in small groups and revelled in exactly how much we didn't know about cardiac and respiratory medicine. I wonder if it's possible that I might make it to the end of one of these days without feeling wildly incompetent. Our block lead gave a really quite inspiring talk to commence the sessions, which did bring the last five weeks to quite a satisfying conclusion.

I went to the union over the lunch period to find an indoor miniature racetrack set up, with students driving RC cars around. It was quite an impressive setup, which it later became apparent was in support of The Grand Tour, as well as the selling of Amazon Prime memberships. There were some rather odd Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson masks scattered around, which of course I took, because why would you not, and the same three songs kept playing over and over again. At least one of them was 'The Chain' by Fleetwood Mac, so that was tolerable.

We returned home to complete the assessment, which thankfully I once again barely passed - I found the multiple choice section much more difficult than the short answers. This was probably because one of the SAQs was on cardiac anatomy which I really enjoyed, and other was mostly ethics-based, which are quite easy to work through from first principles.

In comparison to Block 1, I feel that I've found this content significantly harder to assimilate quickly, probably because so much of it was unfamiliar. In terms of difficulty it was a step up due to the more abstract concepts required for understanding lung function and ECGs, but equally the latter was very satisfying to get my head around. I'm actually looking forward to going through the material from the first two blocks more slowly and developing my own resources. Just the OSCE to worry about next week, and that's it for the break.

To celebrate having reached the end of another block unscathed (at least physically) we headed for dinner at La Bellagio, a very nice Italian place in central Leamington. In the interest of saving money, had a simple carbonara, tap water, followed by a chocolate orange McFlurry. Lovely evening all in all, now 1.24am and I'm struggling to stay awake. I needed to iron clothes for hospital tomorrow, which thankfully does not start until 9.15 due to the morning lecture being cancelled. Small mercies.