Day 75 - OSCE Preptacular (08/12/2017)

Long day. Thankfully we had no 8am lecture, so we could sneak an extra half hour or so in bed, much appreciated given the cold. We started with an anatomy roundup, going around examples of all the structures we've seen in the block so far and trying to solve some clinical situations. Surprisingly I remembered the vast majority of it, and there was a good chance to get hands-on with some dissected speciments. Fun fact - when you press down on a bare liver you can feel the alveoli collapsing like tiny bubblewrap.

Radiology came next, with echocardiograms being the focus of the session. Unfortunately I didn't grab a picture this time, we had a good look at several hearts including my own. There was a decent amount of anatomical variability present, even between the three people examined. Watching these ultrasound scans being done is incredibly interesting but very difficult to follow at my current level of understanding. I assume magic must be involved somewhere in the understanding process.


Clinical roundup in the afternoon, wherein we went over the exams we've been taught how to perform so far - general, abdominal, thyroid, respiratory and cardiac. It was a good opportunity to ask any final questions and see demonstrations before the MOSCEs (mock OSCEs) next week.


Went home afterwards, had a bite to eat and headed back to uni for the WMS GameSoc evening. Some older students had very kindly offered to take us through the exams themselves and help us with further OSCE preparation. In my case I simply wanted to see 'ideal' examinations being performed so I had something to work from, as well as practicing my history taking and becoming more comfortable with giving summaries based on what I'd learned from the patient.


After a couple more hours of practicing, we played Cities of Splendor, a trading game new to me but very fun indeed. The general gist is that each turn you may take different jewels from the central bank, buy cards which act as permanent jewel resources or reserve those cards to take them out of circulation. You build your resources over time and eventually purchase cards with point values, with the first person to 15 points becoming the winner. Would recommend.