Day 76 - Korfball Spectation (09/12/2017)

This morning my housemate was playing her first league game with the university's korfball team, so we went along to show our support and cheer appropriately. Korfball, for those interested, is not entirely dissimilar to a hybrid between basketball and netball, where the objective of the game is to throw a ball through a 3.5m high hoop. Interestingly, players can't shoot while 'blocked' by another player, which forces players to move around, along with the proviso that only players of the same sex can block one another. I think that factor places a pretty big emphasis on tactics and movement rather than pure physical 'bigness'.

Between us (and the Croydon Korfball Club website) we managed to get the rules worked out as the game progressed, and the very new Warwick team did very well against the much more established Birmingham cohort. It was only around 50 minutes for the entire game, and I'm interested in dropping into a training session myself to have a go after Christmas.


We headed to McDonald's for lunch (as you do), then picked up a few gifts on our way back home. I've spent the rest of the day working on mnemonics for the MOSCEs and updating my Anki deck so I don't come off as a COMPLETE fool if asked a question about why I'm doing something.


I've also sneakily put an hour into Epistory: Typing Chronicles - a very pretty videogame about a girl and her fox, wherein you have to type words to make things happen in your environment. Thankfully I'm quite a fast typist, so things have been relatively simple so far. And as you may have guessed, a nerd of epic proportions, which also helps.