Thank You cards

Yesterday and today I've been delivering some cards around to people that have helped me progress and learn significantly during my time at Newcastle - I think it's important to not only recognise when someone has done this but also to tell them. There's a small element of embarrassment potentially sure, particularly if it's face to face, but I think it does make a difference and it demonstrates to them that you've considered them.

I quite like how the design came out in the end, it uses some choice snapshots taken over the three years, a few from the iGEM competition, with The Courier, and generally with friends.

It's done up like a standard issue of The Courier too, which I think ultimately has been my highlight of this degree if I had to pick one thing. Once again a very special thanks to everyone from the team during both years.

It's just a shame I couldn't fit more onto the card really - there's so, so much more to talk about but I'm sure it'll happen eventually, and now that I've got this blog there's ample room for further reflection at another time.