Day 107 - So Much, So Fast (09/01/2018)

Only a half day today - the other half of the year were in their clinical bases for the afternoon, so that period was a fantastic chance to get some work done. I brought the noise cancelling headphones with me, and my investment feels very much validated - I've started my Anki deck from scratch once again and got through several days worth of lectures in a few hours, so nice and productive.

We had a pair of lectures on neuroanatomy in the morning, with a terrifying quantity of new words and things to learn. Every so often the lecturer would ask us a question and pause for the answer - thankfully there's a few people with neuroscience backgrounds in the year who can bail us out if it gets too awkward. I'm finding it extremely interesting, as the clinical illustrations are excellent, it'll just take a bit of getting used to I think.