Day 108 - Finding A Doctor (10/01/2018)

Another half day with it being a Wednesday - a trifecta of lectures including neurological imaging, neuroendocrinology and another on causality and assessing study design. Quite interesting indeed, although again sadly I noticed that only around 25% of the year remained for the third talk (it being part of the SocPop block). I've decided to do a small study myself, and count the number of empty seats per lecture for the next few weeks, then map that to lecture type and content.

The clinical imaging talk was particularly interesting because it contained photos from an actual police investigation - blunt force trauma to one side of the skull. While a bit gruesome, this illustrated the concepts really well and provides fantastic clinical context - that instantly makes things more enjoyable and more likely to sink in, at least in my experience.

In the afternoon I went into town to find a GP to register with, guided by my housemate. Despite my appreciation for the quality of the NHS, I am notoriously bad at using it myself. Got registered (the staff were lovely by the way - that's Sherbourne Medical Centre) and did some very brief food shopping.

Have spent most of the evening working through the anatomy book for Friday - want to make sure my anatomy game is strong. I need to also check the clinical skills book to see what we're supposed to learn before the session. So much to do, so little time. Once again, Complete Anatomy from 3D4Medical is the real MVP.