Day 109 - Medline (11/01/2018)

Busy but productive day I think - started a brand new CBL case, with a brand new CBL facilitator to boot. In this case that new facilitator was actually my main clinical tutor from the last block, and it was interesting to see his approach applied in a smaller setting. He seemed content to let us get on with things, which I think suited us just fine. We've gotten quite good at predicting what we're supposed to be doing, and pre-emptively ask for clarification if we start to head off track.

There was also a tutorial on the Medline database, a tool that helps researchers find relevant papers for their area of interest. In all honesty I'm not sure why this was made a priority in this block, especially given that 90% of the course comes from a science background and is therefore probably familiar with PubMed anyway. Regardless, it wasn't too arduous.

The rest of the day focused on pain, in terms of relevant pharmacology, what we actually mean by the term in the clinical setting, and living with long-term pain and the consequences thereof. I haven't actively 'enjoyed' pharmacology up until now, but in this context for some reason I found it particularly intriguing - might be because of Henry Marsh's books on neurosurgery, in which he goes into the physiological and psychological roots of pain quite a bit.