Day 110 - The Lost Key (12/01/2018)

I can't believe we've finished the first week of the block so quickly, and back at UHCW as per usual on a Friday. We have brand new anatomy and clinical skills books to work through, and work through them we shall - except for this week where there was 30+ pages to do. I've been so preoccupied with getting the basics of this block down that I've maybe managed a third of it. Ah well, I'll do it for revision at Easter or something probably.


We've swapped with the other half of the year now, so we have anatomy last thing in the day and clinical skills first. We had a new clinical tutor who was absolutely fantastic, and a Warwick graduate himself. Some doctors can build a reputation of being, as my father would delicately put it, 'up their own arses', but this guy was as far the opposite of that as it's possible to be. The session started with a clinical neurology lecture and recap, which was followed by our learning to perform upper and lower motor neurone exams. Not knowing very much about the musculoskeletal system (my biology degree in no way involved humans), there are many more reflexes than I realised, and some of them feel extremely odd when activated - try the biceps reflex to see what I mean.

Since we don't have radiology yet in this block (only weeks 3-5) I had a break in the afternoon immediately after lunch and so got as much done as I could of my remaining anatomy pages - back to the days of frantically scrabbling homework before the class. The anatomy session itself was different from normal in that one of the stations was double-length, and involved using string to mark out the path of the ascending and descending neural pathways on a diagram of the body. Lots of very cool plastinated brains too, as well as colourful plastic models which are really useful in these situations where everything just looks like a blob.

Got home, couldn't find my room key. Anywhere. Must have lost it in the MTC - will ring tomorrow and see if one has turned up, although given the size of the place I'm not too confident. My housemate very kindly drove me back to uni so I could pick up the spare which I can keep until Monday. I hope my landlord is kind and allows me to have another one cut without some ridiculous fine attached to the process. The key has no identifying numbers or anything on it that would mean anything to a citizen, but we shall see.