Day 111 - Friendly Squirrel (13/01/2018)

Woke up late, ending my pretty good streak of 4.30am runs. I think I actually went to bed slightly too early, and woke up at around 3.45 - I thought getting up at that point would be pushing things slightly too far, and tried for a relatively short nap, only to open my eyes to 7:47, mockingly flashing at me from the corner of the room.

Up until this point I've usually had one day of the week be work-free (typically Saturdays) but given the density of this block I thought I'd go and visit Leamington library for a few hours in the afternoon. The lady on the desk was lovely and showed me to an area where I could get on with some quiet study. It wasn't as quiet as libraries perhaps should be, but the noise-cancelling headphones sorted that out. Listened to the vast bulk of the Lord of the Rings trilogy soundtrack - one of my favourite soundtracks to anything, and Concerning Hobbits still makes me cry on cue for some reason. Thankfully the student on the other side of the desk seemed to have to tear-inducing problems of his own, likely exam stress given the 3 empty cans of Red Bull sat next to him. God if there's one thing I don't miss, it's January exams.


On my way down through the park to the library, a squirrel was sat eating something nearby. Given the footfall through this area they're not really bothered by humans, and I sat down myself to watch him (could well have been a lady squirrel, haven't done our Reproductive Medicine block yet so I wouldn't know). It came incredibly close and actually climbed tentatively up onto my leg for a few seconds, which was a rather nice experience.

Otherwise just done a bit more work on my Anki deck this evening, and will probably continue until I go to bed. For me the key part is definitely the process of trying to write my own questions and predict what I might be asked in an exam. Have ordered a new (cheap) desk chair because the one in my room has been broken since before I moved in and I've just been stacking pillows on it when I sit down.