Day 113 - Hard and Fast (15/01/2018)

Had the morning free because the other half of the George Eliot group were in hospital, but went in as normal with Emily and worked through the morning. Really just trying to bludgeon my way through Anki-ing old lectures while not simply doing it on auto-pilot so I get as much out of it as possible.

Only one lecture, but it was rather heavy - pharmacology of basal ganglia disorders. A lot of it simply flew over my head as I haven't managed to consolidate the basal ganglia pathways yet. At least they tried to educate me, and I appreciate the effort.

CBL was also quite intense, and we spent the vast, vast majority of the time going through our own presentations instead of focusing on the case, which is more than fine, there was just a lot to get through. My colleagues covered the ascending and descending spinal pathways and spinal anatomy, while I focused on reflexes and the effects of spinal lesions. Actually that's not quite true, I made a useful handout instead of talking about lesions, which detailed all the various locations of injury and consequences in terms of motor and sensory function. Hopefully still just as good.