Day 116 - Head Trauma (18/01/2018)

Interesting day indeed - new CBL case in the morning, with a lot to work through. This patient had some neurological symptoms (fittingly), and the case seemed to be all about strokes and transient ischaemic attacks (TIAs). I think we planned quite well this time what we're going to do next time - vascular supply of the CNS, cerebellum anatomy, and treatment for clots in the CNS.

We then had a lecture on strokes in the afternoon, followed by two lectures from a consultant neurosurgeon on head trauma and the nature of consciousness, at least from a neurosurgeon's perspective. This was an interesting case where he didn't follow the slides very closely, which is normally very frustrating, but in this case worked well because the various tangents and side-approaches he used were clinically relevant.

I also started selling raffle tickets to raise money for the WMS Neuroscience Society, the committee of which I belong to. I'm not 100% sure what my actual title is - I think it's one of the first-year representative roles, but again do not know for certain. Should probably find out at some point. We're giving away Lush products too which have gone down a treat.