Day 121 - Community 2 (23/01/2018)

Back in community once again, ready to meet another patient and their associated agencies. This time we made our way to another residential care home in the area, where we were introduced to them and given a tour round.


Our patient was lovely, clearly a very intelligent and mentally stimulated person. They had Type 2 diabetes which required careful management over time, chiefly through a controlled diet and foot checks every so often from a chiropodist, as well as regular screenings for diabetic retinopathy from a third party care agency. This time we had to assess the patient's health beliefs and behaviours as well as the aspects from our last community visit, but thankfully this proved to be simple in our case. They were losing weight steadily and the diet control was going well, so really this was quite a happy meeting.

We were shown around the care home, which was a fantastic experience - everything was geared around giving the residents as much independence as possible, and the staff were wonderfully enthusiastic, bringing us tea and coffee for our meeting, as well as being generally very merry. We were also taken to the more dementia-specific area, which, while sombering, was wonderfully decorated - everything was bright and colourful and the corridors were made to look like buildings from your average town. This would be very stimulating for the residents there and serve as landmarks when they wander. Apparently the staff wear pyjamas at night-time as well to help orient the residents there - a very cool touch.


Grabbed a bite to eat at Cafe16 in Southam - I can't recommend this place enough. It was ridiculously cheap, with a hot sandwich and a milkshake coming to £5 in all. The staff were extremely friendly and we'll definitely be returning next week.