Day 125 - To The North (27/01/2018)

A very long day indeed. Travelled up to Newcastle to catch up with friends there, which was a rather tremendous ordeal in itself. I used the MegaBus to get there (£25 return), which required catching from Coventry. I therefore went to Leamington station and left a generous half an hour of spare time to allow for delays. Unfortunately, the connecting train was severely delayed, and arrived at 10.35 instead of 10.15. It’s approximately 25 minutes on foot to the bus station, which I had to do in 9 minutes. I sprinted fully-laden flat out through Coventry (the people were very accommodating), made it to the bus station, vomited in the toilets and returned to see the bus roll into place. And then not leave for another 20 minutes, making my ridiculous run almost entirely pointless. Ah well.

It was a nearly seven hour journey on a very hot, cramped bus thankfully alleviated by a pleasant seat neighbour who also happened to be a total nerd – Star Wars, Dungeons & Dragons and movies were keenly discussed. She wants to work in film & TV, so I’ve been contacting friends who work in those areas to try and put them in touch. No networking like bus networking.

Interesting evening – had dinner and went through to a house party, a late-birthday celebration for a friend who had been abroad. Every single person there was actually a previous colleague from The Courier, Newcastle University’s student newspaper, and I’m lucky to know them – a really lovely bunch.

From there we moved to another house, and very late into the night (early morning I suppose) we met up with another group, one of whom was in the process of ‘whiting out’ – having drunk heavily and then smoked cannabis at some point earlier on. Apparently when you do things in that order, it massively elevates the level of THC absorption into the blood, leading the body to try and purge it by vomiting. THC is an anti-emitic however, so the ability to vomit is suppressed and the person experiences fluctuating consciousness and very uncomfortable sensation. It didn’t look fun.