Day 126 - Wey Aye Man (28/01/2018)

Woke up late, given the events of last night – it was a while before were able to get the unfortunate person safely home. Made my way back to The Hancock and had an identical burger to yesterday, but crucially remained identically delicious. I was with a good friend I haven’t seen in a long while and we whiled away the time by just chatting eventually.

Made a point of visiting the union building to see whether my card still gives me access to areas it really shouldn't for reasons I don't quite remember (it does). Bus ride back was comparitively worse than yesterday - very hot, much more packed with people and non-functioning wifi. There was no space in which to work at all, so I made a point of staring moodily out of the window and pretended to be in a mid-2000s music video.