Day 129 - It Was, In Fact, Meningitis (31/01/2018)

Closed the CBL case - the poor girl indeed had bacterial meningitis, as well as new symptoms indicating epilepsy, more than likely brought on by the results of the infection. I gave a short presentation on the various types of seizure, one of which we were able to assign to the case, while another group member gave one on the different types and causative agents of meningitis - we selected our learning areas pretty well.

This case has been a marked improvement over the last two, as we were forced to change our approach to account for the wider knowledge base and adopt a more structured one. We made it through and hit very nearly all the required areas, so I think we've worked well together to overcome the challenges of the block.

I ended up going home after our lecture on anxiety and phobias (very interesting indeed) as I could feel a migraine building - my brain was clearly giving me a relevant sign to engage me with the material. I don't like taking medication unless I really have to, so normally I just try and sleep as soon as possible before it fully kicks in, which thankfully I was able to. I missed the EEG optional lab, but thankfully my housemate was able to go and provided some pictures specifically for you lovely blog readers.

I spoke to my father and brother this evening - he's studying astrophysics (very smart) and is constantly messing around with little electronic circuits and gadgets he builds for some sort of abstract pleasure. I worry about him sometimes because he seems to take each day as it comes rather than aiming for a long-term goal, but I think that's just a personality difference - he seems very happy at any rate.