Day 100 - Last Day at Home (02/01/2018)

Woke up at 6.30, felt it slightly too early to get up given my lack of sleep the previous night. Woke up 12.15. Damn.


Still, tried to crack on with revision, answering emails and preparing to move back down to uni tomorrow morning - it’s going to be a reasonably early start (around 7am), so it’ll probably still be just about dark when we set off. I’ve actually really loved being home this holiday, much more so than I did before at Newcastle. Not sure quite why this is, but I maybe felt stress from the course less before - I was very ready to come home.

At this point I’m ready to return back to studying properly, because I genuinely love what I’m doing now and am motivated to become better at it. It feels much less a means to an end as my undergraduate degree was. I worked very hard to try and get here, and I’m not about to purposely blow my chances of success at this point.