Day 101 - Back to Warwick (03/01/2018)

Set off just after 7am to head back to Warwick, still dark. We arrived at about half past ten, which left enough time to wander into Leamington for a bite to eat before going to the medical school in the afternoon. I was chaperoning at the interviews for the next batch of incoming students, which involved greeting them and taking them to be registered, as well as generally reassuring them that the process isn’t that bad once you get going.

I remember my own interview almost exactly one year ago quite vividly, apart from the first section which remains a complete blank. Interestingly, I’ve heard similar stories from other people in my year - at that point the sheer panic is such that your mind races. Once you get used to the format however, it becomes much more of a natural experience - this is a huge element of why I offered the mock interviews over the holidays, as getting used to talking to a stranger about the various relevant topics is such an unusual experience.

I was also extremely surprised to be recognised by a reasonable number of candidates - one of whom asked for a picture, much to the amusement of my coursemates. I’m sure I’ll be the victim of a Revue sketch at some point in the future.

Genuinely, it’s incredibly heartwarming to see that applicants have engaged positively and found the content actively useful - there’s not really any better motivation to produce high quality material than that. Received an extremely mild telling off for absent-mindedly letting the mother of one of the candidates into a restricted area (during the relevant child’s interview by the way - no chance of communication, don’t worry). The university had provided helpers an enormous selection of finger food, and she had a lot of waiting around to do, so it only seemed reasonable to offer her a plateful. Ah well - nice idea, poor execution.